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Where’s the best place to find information about life insurance?
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine has named as the best site for life insurance information two years in a row. For good reason, too — the site is packed with must-know information, and not just about life insurance.
Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find at
• In this shaky economy, it’s not too much of a stretch to wonder if our insurance companies are going to go under. Fear not. Just as bank customers are protected if a financial institution fails, most state have guaranty funds to handle insurance claims, up to a certain limit.
• has a number of useful tools, such as car-crash safety ratings. Select your vehicle by make, model and year, and you’ll get star ratings in front and side impacts, as well as rollovers.
• Need to understand annuities? covers not only the basics, but provides in-depth information on accessing money before retirement and what to beware in a sales pitch.
• Need health insurance, but you’re already sick? Look at the list of 12 ways to get health insurance. One particularly inventive way is to declare yourself a “group of one.” This varies by state, but in many locations insurers are required to sell guaranteed issue policies to small groups.
• Before you buy a policy for any reason — home, health, auto — check the company’s ratings. You can search the site by company name or by ratings. The ratings will tell you the financial shape a company is in.
• If you need a refresher, check the section on identity theft to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.
• Wondering if you should call your insurance company about a small claim? Even if you decide not to file a claim, your call will be recorded and a note made that will stay in your file for seven years. Too many of these “losses,” and you could end up with a higher rate, even without a claim.
• Need to reduce your costs on house coverage? Check the “10 Ways to Save on Home Insurance” article.
• If you have a complaint about your insurer or a question about state insurance laws, click the State Information link for contacts in all states.

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