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Food safety: If in doubt throw it ou
Limerick Plantation
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Farm markets: Did you know there are 69 certified farmers markets throughout Georgia? Call 800-342-1196 and request a flyer of Georgia certified farm markets to get a listing of all 69, as well as a Georgia harvest calendar that shows which vegetables and fruits are available from January through December. Among the information, readers are encouraged to always wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before placing them in the fridge. Refrigerate all cut, peeled or cooked fresh fruits and vegetables within two hours. Their motto: Remember, if in doubt, throw it out. That refers to any fruit or vegetable that has been contaminated by touching raw meat, poultry or seafood.

Where is the money going? Georgia wildflower tag money was supposed to fund roadside beautification projects emphasizing native wildflowers. Show me where this is being done in our state. I don’t see any of Liberty County’s tag sales going toward this project in our county. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Septic tanks threatening coast: Shallow water tables, rapid growth and the concentration of septic tanks in small areas could contaminate groundwater and surface water sources in coastal Georgia. Diverting sewage into a  wastewater treatment plant to benefit the local environment is a major reason for building such a facility. Poor soil quality creates the most problems for septic systems to function properly. Treating the effluent at wastewater plants reduces the threat of groundwater contamination from nitrates, which are soluble and do not bind well to the soil. Because of this, nitrates could eventually migrate to groundwater sources. I, personally treat my septic tank monthly with Sep-X, a generic of Rid-X and much cheaper. Please, county commissioners, no more septic tanks in the Limerick Plantation area.

Littering bill: I didn’t see a follow up to this, but in March of 2006, Sen. John Bulloch, Republican from Ochlockne, introduced a bill that would make drivers who throw trash from their vehicle eligible for two penalty points on their insurance record — the same punishment levied against drivers caught with an open container of alcohol. They could be charged with a felony and sentenced up to five years in prison. If convicted, they also would have their name and arrest information printed in the local newspaper. (Source:  Vicky Eckenrode of Atlanta Constitution).

Artificial reefs: I came across an article written by outdoors journalist John Burke in 2002 stating 50 retired subway cars from New York were dumped offshore of our Georgia coast in December of 2002. If we can allow that, then why not dump all the old junk cars and trailers out there also. These subway cars were 40 years old. Removing the asbestos was cost prohibitive and it was determined the asbestos would not be an environmental problem if the cars were used in reef projects.  

Eyesore of the Week: Recently, the Savannah Morning News began a section of their paper devoted to eyesores in the Coastal Empire. Someone even submitted a picture of the old Miner’s Service Station in Richmond Hill. I’d like to submit my entry for the 4th district. Take a look at the “eyesore” at the corner of Limerick Road and Highway 17. This “eyesore” needs to be torn.

Glenn Richardson for governor: Recently, HR900 was introduced to hopefully eliminate property taxes. The current property tax system is outdated, unfair and excessive. The biggest part of the problem is that property taxes are increasing faster than personal income. Since 1990, personal income has increased by 146 percent, while property taxes have increased by 176 percent. The current property tax system was created when we were an agricultural society and people made a living off of their land. It is the 21st century. It is time to go to a system that taxes the receipt and exchange of money, not the ownership of property. This bill calls for a sales, use and service tax of 4 percent. It also calls for an elimination of many sales tax exemptions special interests have accumulated throughout the years. Let’s stop all the foreclosures on property and let people enjoy the pursuit of happiness. All of this information comes from quotes in an article published in July by Republican Glenn Richardson of Hiram. I hope he will run for governor.

Cable not responding: A month ago, I made two calls to an 888 number listed for Comcast. It seems the 368 number is no longer for answering trouble calls. Both times, I left a message for someone to come and remove a huge limb off the cable line near the Woodland Lakes entrance. The third week I went in person to the Comcast office in Hinesville, taking a detailed drawing of the location of this limb on Limerick Road. The manager came out, took the drawing and said he would personally take care of the matter. That was two weeks ago and the limb is still there.
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