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Gather your recyclables and join in
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Next Saturday, Feb, 20, is the big day — it’s KLCB’s quarterly Recycle It! Fair. We will accept electronics and other household items that can wreak havoc on the environment when they reach landfills.
Each quarter, we try to offer area residents an opportunity to turn these items in for reuse or recycling to conserve natural resources. The fair is from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the old hospital site on Highway 84 in Hinesville. Locally, we have 12 recycling drop-off centers that accept items such as newspapers, magazines, PET plastics, tin cans, aluminum cans, cardboard and glass bottles.
However, there are other items in our households that should be recycled, many of which can be problematic for the environment if they are thrown away or dumped in the garbage.
Here is what we will collect Saturday:
• E-waste, which is a fancy, technological name for all things electronic, including computers, printers, monitors, computer accessories, stereo equipment, televisions, cell phones and accessories. Because technology changes rapidly, these items become obsolete quickly. Take the time to round these up and bring them in. All hard drives will be wiped clean for your security by our local Goodwill Industries.
• Household paint in cans that are sealed and are not rusted. If your cans are not in good condition, add cat litter or sand to the paint, let it completely dry up and dispose of it in your garbage.
• CFLs and fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures. Are you concerned about the mercury levels in the new and popular compact fluorescent lights? Then check out the Energy Star Web site,
• Used motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries. Coastal Auto and Recycling will help us properly dispose of these items. When it comes to motor oil and antifreeze, always turn them in for recycling. Never pour these liquids down regular or storm drains or just dump them. Oil and antifreeze cause severe water pollution. When storing auto fluids you  plan to turn in for recycling, it is essential to put them in clean, dry containers so the fluid is not contaminated.
• Household batteries
• Printer ink and toner cartridges
• Telephone books and large sale catalogs
• Hardback books, paperbacks and textbooks
• Household goods and clothes
In honor of Georgia Arbor Day on Feb. 19, we will give out young trees — while supplies last — to anyone who is interested in planting them. Call now if you would like us to reserve a tree for you to pick up. We’re encouraging everyone to plant trees in Liberty County.
We also have some Keep Liberty County Beautiful reusable shopping bags, which also can be used as recycle bags. When space is tight in your kitchen or when you have a small house, try using these sturdy canvas bags to hold recyclables instead of bulky recycling bins. Bags can be stored on hooks on the wall or kept out of the way in cabinets.
Flat Tommy, a cardboard “celebrity” who is part of a statewide recycling awareness campaign, will join us at the Recycle It! Fair. He will be available for photo opportunities and the pictures will be added to our program’s Facebook page. They may even end up on the statewide campaign site If you have not checked out this site, you really need to. It is fun and informative
Recycling is one of the easiest ways to help eliminate some of the environmental problems that plague the world. There are too many of us living on Earth and we generate a lot of trash — especially in the United States. By recycling, we can reduce the amount of waste in landfills and conserve our natural resources.

More upcoming KLCB events that need your help or participation:
• Through Feb. 19: Community tree plantings in partnership with the Georgia Forestry Commission. We are offering a limited number of trees for planting around our community. Schools, churches, businesses and civic and youth groups interested in planting trees to celebrate Arbor Day can call 880-4888 to reserve trees.
• Feb. 19: Annual Arbor Day ceremony at 11 a.m., sponsored by the Morning Glory Garden Club at Main Street Park in Hinesville.
• Through Feb. 20: Phonebook and catalog recycling. Turn in out-of-date phonebooks and business catalogs for recycling at area drop-off sites throughout the county:
• Liberty County courthouse annex lobby, Hinesville
• City hall lobby, Hinesville
• City hall lobby, Midway
• City hall lobby, Riceboro
• City hall porch, Walthourville
• City hall lobby, Flemington
• Feb. 20: Live oaking demonstration at Melon Bluff Nature Preserve.

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 880-4888 or
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