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Honey-do goes undone
Military spouse
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Each morning I wake up to the obnoxious buzz of the alarm clock at precisely 7:30. I do not need, nor do I wish, to wake up at this time. My schedule allows for me to both stay up and sleep in a bit later than most.
So my first conscious thought of each day is, “Why is that thing going off again?”
Although it might seem more romantic to claim I miss the alarm sounding each morning now that my husband is away, it’s far from the truth. In all honesty, I’ve unplugged the alarm clock, only to discover that it was equipped with back up batteries. I’ve thrown it against the wall on multiple occasions, only to find it presumably indestructible.
The back up batteries must be removed with a screwdriver. I don’t even know where we keep our screwdrivers. Neither do I possess the motivation to actually look for one, even if it would mean a more peaceful morning’s sleep.
This is just one among many little things that cease to function properly without the helping hand of my husband that I so often take for granted. Pictures have fallen from the walls and now lay crooked on the floor or the back of the couch. The oil on the Jeep should have been changed 1,500 miles ago. Friends seem to have similar problems, whether it’s reaching the top shelf in the closet or gettin that much needed break from the kids.
I find myself jotting down honey-do lists before realizing that my husband’s not around to do anything. If nothing else, I’m learning how much I truly do need him, how much he does that goes unnoticed.
Maybe when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning, I’ll think, “Remember to thank your husband for all he does.” I know I definitely should.
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