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Learn to enjoy precious moments
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“Days of Our Lives” is a popular soap opera that has captured many people’s attention since its debut in November 1965. Each episode opens with the now infamous words by the late MacDonald Carey, “like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”
Sand slips quickly through the hourglass and soon becomes a memory. We live in a world wherein time is filled with swift transitions. One season rapidly turns into another season. Before we can blink our eyes, winter has turned to spring, spring to summer and summer to autumn. But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to enjoy the moment.
Summer is here, and the days are long with plenty sunshine. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not remembered as “what we could have done.” At the end of the day, our epitaph should not read, “should have, could have, would have.” We clutter our lives with so many things, and often at the end of the day, realize a lot of those things really were not that important.
Only you can take advantage of those precious moments that come your way. Don’t allow a busy schedule to rob you of golden moments that so quickly slip by. During these long summer months, take advantage of doing the things that really warm your heart.
It may be something as small as enjoying an early morning stroll around the block. It is amazing how much you can observe and take in when you are not in a hurry. Even a ride through a neighborhood to admire yards arrayed with beautiful flowers and budding trees can result in extraordinary excitement.
Another memorable moment may be a trip to the ice cream parlor or park with the children or grandchildren. Those cute little comments they make can bring a smile to even the gruffest dad or grandpa’s face. Enjoying the feel of a child or grandchild’s little hand and seeing their trusting eyes should never be replaced with another meeting that could have easily been handled with a quick telephone or email.  
No matter how tired you may think you are or old you may become, you can still take advantage of those special moments life throws our way. Sitting on the porch and swinging in the swing can bring back memories of those days long ago when life was not so hurried and fast-paced. While you are swinging, enjoy a cold glass of water, tea or lemonade. Take the time to really listen to the person with whom you are sharing the moment.
During these long summer days, take the opportunity to get to know your neighbors.  Back in the day, people took time to visit and knew who was in the neighborhood. Bake that special pie you have been talking about and share it with your neighbors. The peaches and strawberries are fresh, and they make delicious pies.
Even better, start working on the little tomato and green pepper garden you wanted.  You don’t have to start big, just a  few plants and they will produce a harvest.  The sense of relaxation and fulfillment that comes with tending the garden will relieve a lot of pent up stress. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables produced as a result of your labor.
The theaters are waiting for you to enjoy the latest movie and a bag of popcorn. A trip to the park to listen to some jazz or a late evening stroll on the beach would certainly help you to unwind. You might say, I don’t feel like doing any of those things. Well, there are plenty good shows on television, such as old episodes of “Bonanza,” “Gunsmoke” “The Andy Griffith Show” and “I Love Lucy.”
Don’t let the roller coaster ride of life cause you to miss out on precious moments. The hourglass still turns and the sand flows through. Life is an ever-moving journey; it is your journey — learn to enjoy the ride.
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