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Military is helping me smile
Military spouse
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There’s little in the world that’s more important than a smile. Whether it’s the amused smirk in response to a child’s knock-knock joke or the encouraging grin to someone who’s new at church, a smile has a way of changing the atmosphere in just seconds.
So when I discovered that TRICARE’s dental program covers orthodontics for me, an adult, I was excited.
Ever since beginning the process that will eventually end with straight teeth, I’ve come across misconceptions about TRICARE and braces. I figure it’s time we set the record straight.
I’ve heard many say that TRICARE dental does not cover orthodontics for adults. Wrong. TRICARE will help cover the cost of braces and retainers for dependents up to the age of 23, whether child or spouse.
Others assume the insurance will cover all or most of the cost of braces. This, of course, depends on how much work you need. In my case, TRICARE will cover about a third of the cost. They offer a maximum of $1,500 in coverage for orthodontic work.
Although it is still a large investment, one that had me speechless for a moment or two, it seems foolish to let such an opportunity pass.
Even if I’m not thrilled at the idea of having brackets fastened on my teeth as an adult, it’s something that wasn’t available to me as a teenager because I lacked the insurance the military has afforded me now. It’s a chance to improve my smile, and that makes it feel worth it.
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