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Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. There is so much activity — Christmas music, holiday events, shopping, Santa sightings — I love it all! One of my favorite things is the decorations. Everything looks lovely with all the lights and greenery. So if you have never nominated a local business for a Win-dex Award, now is the time to do so. Of course, the Win-dex Awards are year round recognitions; they’re not just about holiday decorating. But certainly the decorations make local businesses even more inviting and attractive. I encourage you to take a look around and send in a nomination for a deserving business for this quarter.
The Win-dex Awards let community members pick out businesses that they think deserve a pat on the back for looking good. In the past couple of years, the Win-dex Awards have recognized a number of local businesses that make the extra effort to present an attractive and inviting appearance. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Keep Liberty Beautiful sponsor the Win-dex Awards program to honor businesses in our county that work hard to keep up their appearances.
The winning businesses are run by people who have figured out that looking good makes a statement about the kind of business they operate. It is good business to keep an attractive property. A pleasant environment brings in more customers and provides a nice work space for people who are employed there. Attractive and successful businesses attract more new business to our community because they make our whole region look good. More business means more good jobs and a healthier economy.
Festively decorated businesses may initially catch your eye, but there are several other things to consider when making a Win-dex nomination. Take a look around and consider the following as you choose a business to nominate:
• Is the exterior clean and litter-free? Now, of course, that’s part of the criteria.
• Is the landscape well-maintained?
• Is the building’s exterior attractive and not in need of repair?
• Is the frontage property mowed and litter-free? Is the sidewalk and parking area clean and well-maintained? Is this area free of cigarette butts?
• Are their attractive plantings around the exterior?
• Has the business recently upgraded or renovated? This could be a simple paint job to spruce things up, a full-scale renovation or a new building.
• Is the entryway inviting?
• An additional point that could be considered: Is the business owner a good citizen who works to maintain the roadway or frontage property by keeping it attractive and litter-free?
Nomination forms are available at the Keep Liberty Beautiful office at 9397 Oglethorpe Highway in Midway or at the Chamber of Commerce office at 425 W. Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville. You can also e-mail us for a form at Or just e-mail your nomination directly by including all of the information requested on the form. Remember that your reason for nominating a business is a crucial part of the judging, so make sure you fully explain why a business is deserving of this recognition. Your vote counts! Send in your nomination by Dec. 31. What a nice Christmas gift that will be for some special business!
Upcoming events:
• Dec 1-31: Win-dex Attractive Businesses of the Quarter nomination period. To nominate a worthy business, call KLB at 880-4888 or e-mail .
• Dec. 26 through Jan. 8: Bring one for the Chipper. Plan now to recycle your live Christmas tree after the holiday at any Solid Waste or recycling convenience center or at designated locations on Fort Stewart. Mulch day is Jan. 8.

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