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Pigeon release was apparently successful
Limerick Plantation
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Bird released: On Aug. 1, my brother encouraged me to release a pigeon I’d been caring for and advised me to stay close to see what happened. At first, the pigeon walked around on my deck for a while, then flew up on the railing. Then she flew up and sat on my windowsill.  I walked down the steps to go get my newspaper and the pigeon flew down to my driveway and walked out to the paper box with me. She walked all the way back, then flew back up on my deck. I sat out there for a while, then heard a hawk and saw him circling above. I grabbed a broom and began swinging it back and forth and the hawk flew away. That night I was a nervous wreck worrying about a cat getting her, but she stayed in the window and was fine the next morning. When Saturday morning came, the bird had flown away. I left the cage on the deck with food and water in it in case it returned.  So far the bird has not returned. I just hope she found her way back home to her owner.
No more babies: The old hollow tree out front that has been the “nursery” for three litters of raccoon babies is no more.  Thanks to Jamie’s Tree Service, the tree was cut down last week, and they trimmed a lot of dead limbs off my live oaks. I just didn’t need any more babies in my yard. I had resigned myself to not fostering or adopting any more animals, but here I am with a new kitten and for a time, a tame pigeon. One thing I don’t object to is my skinks, lizards and garter snakes, which seem to like my yard. They all eat insects. I haven’t had as many butterflies this year, but I think a lot of the cocoons didn’t make it through the heat.  
Planting seeds: My friend Roy Hensel, who lives at Arlen Oaks, has much success planting seeds and rooting things. He recently gave me some gardenia seedlings, which he grew from seeds and are doing well. He also is successful in growing pineapple plants. I have five pineapple plants, but none have produced fruit. All of his are bearing tiny pineapples. My friend, Tony Dykes is experimenting with peach seeds. I’ve never had any luck with peach seeds myself, so I told Tony to keep me posted if she has any success. Loquat plum seeds are really easy to grow and produce nice plants within weeks. I also have good luck with bell pepper seeds, which produce really quickly. I place tomato seeds about one inch apart on a paper towel until they dry, then I cut each one individually and place each one in a pot.  My grandmother taught me this. Once you cover the seed with soil and water it, the paper towel becomes wet and quickly germinates the seed.
Kudos: Two of my friends responded to my call for a cat carrier. Becky was able to find one large enough for several cats, which would be ideal for evacuating.  She also has located a smaller version for taking my pets to the vet. Roy also responded with a smaller cat carrier.  Thanks to both of you. Also, a big thank you goes out to Bruce McCartney for speaking up for hundreds of thousands of Disabled Vets at a recent House Veterans Affairs Committee meeting in Washington. Bruce spent his own money and time on this trip to speak up for their right to the Independent Living Program.  
Volunteers needed: Melon Bluff Nature Center on the Islands Highway here in Liberty County will be hosting a volunteer information and orientation meeting for anyone or any civic group that is interested in helping out at the Nature Center. This meeting will be from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 21. If you want to help, call Cynthia Miles at 884-7028.
Get your spot early. The new Beautification Chairman in Woodland Lakes, Phyllis Griffin, announced recently that the Beautification Committee will host a huge flea market Saturday, Sept. 13. Rental spots are $10. Bring your own tables if you can and if you need a table, call Phyllis as soon as possible, as tables are limited. Call her at 912-432-0612. If you would like to volunteer to sell refreshments and work at the committee’s tables, let her know.
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