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Public can help cut fuel prices
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Be a watchdog: We definitely need some competition in Liberty County for our cablevision. I don’t know about you, but switching “E,” golf and MSNBC around is confusing to me.  I don’t watch any of the religious stations, ever since the Jim and Tammy Baker scandal.  And I don’t watch the sports stations, the stations selling things or the children’s channels, yet I have to pay for them.  
There are 12 stations I never watch, yet I am paying for them.  The one I resent the most is the Spanish station. I don’t speak Spanish, so why should I have to pay for this channel? Each channel should be individually priced where we could pick only the ones we want and be charged accordingly.  
Another thing, please stop patronizing the big oil company stations like Exxon, Chevron, BP, Citgo and Amoco. These are the companies that are keeping our gas prices high. But at the same time, so are the people who charge their gas instead of paying cash. The companies that accept charge cards jack the prices up because they are being charged by credit card companies — 7-1/2 cents per gallon for every gallon you pump. Put away $40 to $50 cash each week for your gas allotment and stop using credit cards.
The best advice is to buy from the little guy.  Now that Savannah is getting a new gasoline terminal, Marathon Petroleum, we should see gasoline prices slowly drop in our area. Let’s all do our part.

Well-kept secret:  Hey commissioners. Is it true that there is an old fishing pier at the end of Screven Road in District 1? Is it true the county owns it? Why can’t it be repaired and a picnic shelter and restroom built there so the people who fish in this county would have another facility to use?  To my knowledge, we only have three, maybe four, public ramps in this county. This would give those without a boat another place to fish.

Rescued plants: Two types of false indigo plants I’ve rescued have finished blooming. Baptisia tinctoria has yellow blooms. Unfortunately, the stalk that bore blooms in April was broken by the wind and so I’ll have no seeds. But the Baptisia leucantha that has white blooms is now full of seed pods. Once they turn brown, I can harvest them and share them. This is a beautiful plant. I found these growing along the roadside near Jesup. I will probably bring some of my seeds to the yard sale at PoJo’s in August. I will have them in small, clear bags with the name of the seed marked on them. Right now. I’m experimenting with bottle brush cuttings. I’ve “tented” them to give them moisture. I haven’t been successful with this plant with cuttings before, just by putting the cuttings in pots. I’m hoping the “tents” will work.
While weeding a bed I completely changed recently, I discovered two unique plants I could not recognize. In searching through my “Reader’s Digest Field Guide to Wildflowers,” I found it. This small, but beautiful plant is called a ruellia. The flowers are purple and, unless it is blooming, you can easily mistake it for a weed. I don’t do any weeding during the spring because of this. Once a plant just “appears” in my yard, usually from bird droppings, I wait until past June to start weeding. This way, I don’t mistakenly pull up something I shouldn’t. I also found a whole thicket of mound lily yuccas along the roadside between Ludowici and Jesup, and have “rescued” three nice passion flowers. Also, I dug up two clumps of purple sand verbena for my mom.  Ain’t nature great?!

Mark your calendars:  
Today: Electric Co-op Annual Meeting at Midway Middle School
June 30: Full moon. Ride out to a river or lake and take in this wonder
July 7: Big yard sale at PoJo’s in Midway
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