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Read your labels, buy American
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Read your labels: If you don’t grow your own fruits and vegetables during the summer or  throughout the year, you need to examine the labels on what you buy. Find out where your veggies and fruits are coming from. California, Florida and local are okay, but China, Africa, Uruguay, Chile are not.  Even read the labels on canned foods. Make sure you are feeding your family American-grown stuff. Better yet, when vegetables and fruit are available locally and can be frozen or canned, buy it and save it for later.  Just don’t support all the foreign country imports. Sooner or later, the grocery stores will get the message, when those things you don’t buy go to waste. Think about your family’s well being. I have quit buying as much foreign products. It makes me mad when I realized how many things in my home were “made in China.” Hey Americans! Start looking at what you are spending your money on — even your automobiles.

Wildflowers and a love of nature: When you see a pretty patch of flowers along an interstate with no junkyards and billboards, you can thank Lady Bird Johnson. She was responsible for passage of the Highway Beautification Bill in 1965. According to the Federal Highway Administration, a bill signed on Oct. 22, 1965 provided incentives to reduce the number of billboards, and remove or shield other ugly sights along federal highways. Planting wildflowers and other native plants along highways was expanded because of her efforts to make our highways beautiful.  

Truckers are killing us: In recent years, 32 states have reported cases of commercial semi-truck license fraud, with busts ranging from Florida to Colorado. In some northern states, state officials sold hundreds of phony licenses to unskilled drivers, including immigrants who couldn’t read or speak English, and people who ran over orange pylons in their driving tests. The matter came to light after a driver who knew little English failed to understand radio warnings from passing truckers on their CB’s, reporting part of his tailpipe assembly was loose. The pieces fell off and were hit by a van carrying a minister and his six children. The pieces pierced the vehicle’s gas tank, causing the van to explode in flames and all of them were killed. The trucker had bought a sham license up north. Please, please federal and state legislators, protect us. Fix this problem. (Source: Reader’s Digest)

You evidently love barbecue: Isle of Wight residents Clyde and Kevin Fabre have informed me you have turned out in droves to support their new business in Richmond Hill. Hey Clyde and Kevin, there is an empty business on Highway 84 in Hinesville, where the old Sonny’s Bar-B-Que was located. Come on down!  

Set the example: The law requires you to stay one car length behind a vehicle in front of you at a stop sign or traffic signal. I have yet to observe any law official observing this. I do it because several years ago, it saved me from getting a ticket for “tailgating.”  I was on Highway 204 opposite the Cracker Barrel heading home from my job. Because I was this “legal length” I did not hit the car in front of me when four cars behind me got rear-ended by an SUV, whose driver was on a cell phone. I got rear-ended and immediately ran to the SUV that caused it all and asked, “You were on a cell phone, right?” The driver readily admitted he was and said he would pay for any damage. Four vehicles behind me, rear-ended each other, but because I was a car length behind the vehicle in front of me, I did not rear-end that vehicle. When the responding officer arrived, every one of the vehicles involved were cited for “following too closely” except me.

Harris Neck fundraiser: Looking for something to do Saturday? Bring the family to the FAB Church of Harris Neck from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The church is on Harris Neck Road, five miles east  of Highway 17. There will be great food, games, tournaments, music and dance, story telling and lots more. For information, call (912) 832-3931.  

No-kill shelters in Georgia: Below is a list of no-kill animal shelters in Georgia:
All Creatures Are Truly Special (Dahlonega) Animal Welfare and Rescue Effort (Savannah) Alliance of Allbreed Canine Rescue & Referral (Athens) Atlanta Rescue. DeKalb Humane Society (Decatur) DogPak Rescue (Rome)  Ellabellzoo (Savannah & Statesboro) Good Mews Animal Foundation (Marietta) C.S.R.A. Humane Society (Augusta) Liberty County Humane Shelter (Hinesville) PAWS (Savannah)  Paulding Volunteer Animal Rescue (Powder Springs) Pet Orphans (Atlanta) Pets Are Worth Savaning (Effingham County) RescueCats, Inc. (Fayetteville) Save-a-Life (Savannah) Glynn County and Animal Services (Brunswick).
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