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Recycle to save the Earth
Keep Liberty County Beautiful
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"I'm recycling to save the Earth."
Those words of wisdom were spoken by a 4-year-old at First United Methodist Pre-K as his class carried their bags of plastics to the recycling bin.
Yes, even a 4-year-old can understand the concept of recycling. So what about the rest of us? Recycling is one of the easiest ways to minimize some of the environmental problems that our world faces.  There are too many of us living on good old Planet Earth and we generate a tremendous amount of trash, especially in the United States.
Recycling is one of the ways we can reduce the amount of waste filling up landfills. It also helps conserve our natural resources.
We have 12 recycling drop-off centers to accept items like newspapers, magazines, PET plastics, "tin" cans, aluminum cans, cardboard and glass. If you need assistance finding those locations, contact my office. There are many other items in our household, though, that can be and seriously need to be recycled. So we offer a Recycle It! Fair each quarter.
The upcoming Recycle It! Fair will next Saturday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the old hospital site on Highway 84 at Frasier Drive in Hinesville.  We will be collecting a variety of items that we all have sitting around in closets and storage rooms. I hope you will take a few minutes and round them up to bring them in. Cleaning out your closets and storage is a plus as well!
We will be collecting electronics; old computers, printers, monitors and any accessories. We will also accept cell phones and accessories. All hard drives will be wiped clean by our local Goodwill Industries.  Recycling these items will not only benefit the environment, but also benefits local service organizations.
We will also accept household paint as long as the cans are not rusted and the paint has not been contaminated.  If your cans are not in good condition, you can add cat litter or sand to the paint, let it dry up, and then dispose of them in your regular garbage.
Another item we will collect is fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures. We want to make sure these do not end up in landfills since they include mercury, even the new and popular compact fluorescent lights. Check out the Web site for Energy Star ( for more information on them and how to dispose of them.
Coastal Auto and Recycling will be accepting used motor oil and antifreeze as well as car batteries. Never pour oil and antifreeze down a drain or on the ground. They really cause severe water pollution. When you store oil and other auto fluids to bring in for recycling, it is essential to put it in clean, dry containers so that the fluid is not contaminated.
Other items we will take are household batteries; printer cartridges; telephone books; hardback books; Goodwill items like household goods and clothes.  We will have special collections for used toys in good condition. We will also collect items for the local Humane Society; towels, sheets, blankets, etc.
In honor of Mothers Day, we will be giving out recycle bags to use in small spaces. When space is tight or you have a small household, bags are a convenient option instead of bins. If you have never recycled and would like a free, easy way to test recycling, come by and pick up a few bags.

There are still several events coming up for the Great American Cleanup! We need you to get involved and make a difference.
Through May: The Clean Community Challenge. Challenge others to join you and your group in making our community as clean as possible. The Litter Wars need you!  Call 368-4888 or email for information.
Through May: Return the Warmth Plastics Recycling Contest. Support local students by recycling plastic bottles.  Keep those plastics (PET #1 and #2) coming.

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, call me at 368-4888 or email
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