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Recycling makes sense and cents
Keep Liberty County Beautiful
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Did you know that the average Georgian generates 7.5 pounds of garbage each day. Each year in Georgia nearly 2.6 million tons of the waste that we dispose of could have been recycled. That is almost 40 percent of what we throw away.
Recycling makes sense and cents for all of us in Georgia. It not only helps our landfills and solid waste disposal costs, it generates jobs and businesses in our state.
And as you will see on Saturday, it can make a difference in our local community. Join us on May 19, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for the Recycle It! Fair at the old hospital site on Hwy 84 and Frasier Drive in Hinesville. Local civic and service organizations will have collection booths for items that they collect for recycling or for reuse in our community.
Now I know that probably most of you are like me: I have way too much stuff and really need to sort and redistribute a lot of it. This is a great time to do so and help others as well. Make a difference in our community and in our environment by collecting some of the following items to bring by this Saturday.
• The Midway Middle School Builders Club will collect old athletic shoes for the Nike Grind Recycling Campaign. All parts of these shoes can be recycled. Please bring in reasonably clean shoes only.
• The Young Adult Liberty Leaders are collecting plastic soda and water bottles for the Students for Recycling Campaign. Bottles should be rinsed and dry with tops removed. They can be brought in garbage bags to the event. The communities of the top fifty schools in the nation will receive recycled bookbags for children in need.
• United Way is collecting cell phones to recycle to increase funds for local services in our community.
• The Tri-County Protective Agency women’s shelter is also collecting cell phones that are reworked to automatically call 911 for women in abusive living situations.
• The Hinesville Fire Department is collecting aluminum cans to raise funds for the Burn Foundation. Please bring your aluminum cans — rinsed and dried — to help this worthy cause.
• The Manna House will be collecting canned goods and non perishable food items. Please share some food from your pantry with this local group on the 19th. Make sure that the expiration dates on items are still good.
• Goodwill Industries will also have a truck out to accept household goods, furniture, clothing and electronics to redistribute and /or recycle for those in need. Recycling these goods helps support other Goodwill Programs like their Workforce Development program. Clothing, furniture, and household goods should be in good condition for acceptance. Electronics may be non working. The hard drives of any computers donated will be cleaned for security purposes on site.
• Cars for Kidneys will be accepting titles for junk or old cars for the Diabetes Association. What a great way to remove a junk item from your yard and help others. Please bring the title and removal efforts will be arranged for a later date.
• The Kiwanis Club is collecting printer ink cartridges to help fund local service projects. Please deliver these in a plastic bag.
• Coastal Auto and Recycling will accept car batteries, used motor oil and used antifreeze for recycling.
• We will also accept cans of household paint for the Habitat for Humanity Store in Statesboro for reuse. We cannot accept rusted cans.
If your paint is dried out or unusable, then add either kitty litter or sand to the can and let the paint completely dry out and dispose of it with your usual garbage.
• Liberty County Solid Waste will be accepting scrap tires as part of the Old Tire Roundup Days from noncommercial Liberty County Residents. Please deliver in a vehicle with a Liberty County tag.
• Liberty County Solid Waste will also accept old telephone books and household batteries for recycling.
• There will also be a demonstration exhibit on composting.
• Dot Moss will also have items on display that can be recycled and used around your home and gardens.
• The YMCA will also be selling refreshments to benefit their Armed Services Family Program.
So many of these household items can take up valuable space and increase the toxins significantly in landfills if not recycled. Recycling these items has long term benefits for our environment. Recycling truly can be a continuous cycle of benefits. As you can see there are many worthy causes that need your help and help our community too. Take a few minutes this Saturday and do your part.
We are planning on having fun as well as doing good, so join us. We will have recycling information and giveaways like bookmarks, stickers, free seeds, reusable shopping bags etc. for kids and families who drop by.
Reminders about upcoming events with the Great American Cleanup:
• May 19 8 a.m. city of Walthourville Cleanup Day Meet at the City Hall at 8 a.m. to help up clean up targeted roads and creeks.
• May 18-19 Old Tire Roundup in Liberty County. Noncommercial and Liberty County residents only may participate. Tires may be delivered today to the Liberty County Transfer Station at 625 Rogers Pasture Road between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tires may be delivered on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to the old hospital site on Highway 84 in Hinesville. No commercial customers. For information, call 368-4888 or 884-5353.
• March 1-May 31 Young Adult Liberty Leaders and local schools are collecting plastic bottles (soda and water type bottles) for the Students for Recycling national recycling project.
• Midway Middle School Builders Club is collecting athletic shoes for recycling through the Nike Grind project. So start gathering those shoes, because all parts of these shoes can be recycled!

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 368-4888 or
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