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Recycling tips for Liberty residents
Keep Liberty County Beautiful
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Recently, I have had several calls and emails from newcomers to our county who are interested in recycling. Recycling is so beneficial for all of us. I am glad there is interest in doing so.
We have recycling drop-off locations throughout Liberty County. There are seven county solid waste convenience centers and six additional recycling locations in Hinesville, Riceboro and Walthourville. The convenience centers offer a full range of drop-off garbage disposal and all of the sites provide recycling bins for newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, plastic bottles (PET 1 and 2 plastics), clear and colored-glass bottles, and tin and steel cans. Most of the sites have containers for recycling cardboard as well. All of these sites are for residents of Liberty County. Here are the locations:
Liberty County convenience centers
• 25 South Dairy Road (SR 196 west, Gum Branch)
• 156 Pate Rogers Road (Fleming)
• 836 Limerick Road (near Lake George)
• 64 Left Field Road (Highway 84, Miller Park)
• 619 J V Road (west of Hinesville)
• 50 Isle of Wight Road (Midway area)
• 344 Ft. Morris Road (east end near Sunbury)
Additional recycling drop-off sites
• 111 Carter Road (behind Poole’s Deli)
• 1471 W. Oglethorpe Hwy. (Sequoia Street)
• 129 Sandy Run (off Highway 84)
• 941 E G Miles Parkway (Highway 196 west at Training Center)
• 200 Talmadge Road (behind Walthourville City Hall)
• 4000 Coastal Hwy. (Highway 17 in Riceboro)
Preparing items for recycling
(Plastics, glass, and cans)
• Rinse all drink and food containers and let them dry. This will eliminate the potential for insects and smells at your home collection bin and our drop-off sites.
• Dispose of all pop top lids for drink and milk jug containers.
• There is no reason to remove lids from bottles or cans.
• Sort plastics and glass containers by color and/or whether they have a clear finish.
• Magazines should be clean and tied in bundles with string.
• Newspapers can be recycled, including the glossy advertising inserts that are often in issues. Please either bundle the newspapers and tie them with string or place them in paper bags.
Other items that can be recycled
• Plastic shopping bags — Wal-Mart and Kroger accept clean bags at their stores.
• Goodwill Industries accept electronics for recycling.
• Many auto stores, including Coastal Auto and Recycling, accept motor oil and other auto fluids as well as automotive batteries for recycling. Coastal Auto also accepts scrap metal and junk cars.
• Some retail locations, such as Lowes, accept household batteries for recycling. I am also collecting household batteries at my office in the Environmental Health Building at 110 N. Commerce in downtown Hinesville. There is a marked container in the lobby for drop off.
• I also accept printer ink cartridges and cell phones at my office for local service organizations that benefit from recycling these items.
We will host another scrap-tire roundup Aug. 23-25. We collected 1,000 junk tires for processing in a collection event in May. We hope to remove another thousand or more this time. If you are a resident and not a commercial operation, get those tires ready to turn in free Aug. 23-25.
We also plan to collect additional hazardous waste items, such as household paint again as well. Just remember we cannot accept rusted cans for the reuse process. If your paint can is rusted, add sand or cat litter to the leftover paint. Let it completely dry out and dispose of the container in your regular garbage.
Recycling is a continuous process and one that can help all of us live better for generations to come. Join the recycling effort and make a difference.
For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact me at 368-4888 or
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