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Some pest remedies work; others do not
Limerick Plantation
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Harvest the fruit:  Folks, I have ridden around this county recently and I'm here to tell you that there will be a bounty of dewberries this month and another bounty of blackberries in June and so many elderberries and black cherries, you won't be able to pick them all. Put these in a juicer and you'll have one of the healthiest drinks ever. And there's nothing tastier than cobbler made from these free fruits. With grocery prices soaring, I'm encouraging all my friends to plant a garden. You can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and okra during the summer and then plant carrots, turnips, collards, cabbage and lettuce in the fall. You don't have to have a big space to do this. The good part is knowing that your vegetables are fresh and haven't been sprayed with chemicals or handled by dozens of people. Oh, and if you haven't seen this huge tung oil tree at Jerico and third Street in Lake George, you have missed one awesome sight!

Annoying gnats:
  Spring is when everyone is raking leaves and what does that bring? Gnats! They breed in leaves and when we rake, we stir them up. I tried the Listerine thing and it worked temporarily. Off and other sprays work on mosquitoes, but gnats ignore them. I'm going to try castor oil and maybe even liquid garlic. Once I find something that will repel them, I'll share it with you. Some pest things I've tried have actually worked. Like putting beer in a plastic-foam cup and sinking it into the ground near your vegetable plants, actually attracts slugs. They crawl into the cup and drown. I was amazed when I tried this for the first time. Also, putting lemon dish detergent in a white bowl diluted with water and placing it on your patio or porch, will attract bugs and kill them. This really works. The bowl or dish must be white. I only share ideas that actually work.  

How do they waste? Let me count the ways
:  This board of commissioners has to be the most frivolous, spend thrift, wasteful board that I've seen in my 15 years of living in Liberty County. Instead of building a new justice center on the old hospital site and saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, they opted to buy up property on Main Street to build the center, and pouring money into an airport that is seldom used, approving expense after expense for a new jail and corrections for mistakes made in the initial plans. Have any of you seen the upgrades being made at the Liberty County Recreation Department? My heavens, you'd think they were building something for a king or a Lord. Every year this board of commissioners wastes monumental amounts of money holding a workshop at an expensive hotel, the King and Prince at St. Simons Island, instead of holding it here in Hinesville at one of our elite hotels and keeping the money at home. Now they have spent over a million dollars on a piece of property at Cattle Hammock to build a marina and thousands of dollars will have to be spent to build a 250-foot boat hoist to reach the water. Go to the tax assessors office and look who they purchased this property from. When are we going to get rid of these big spenders? I say November 2008. They will go down as being the most wasteful, spend thrift, could- care- less good ole boys in Liberty County history.

Shocking! This past Sunday's Courier had 16 birth announcements in it and out of those, only four listed a mother and a father. Twelve were single mothers. You and I are paying for these births. This is outrageous and something should be done about single women having one baby after another and then depending on us to foot the bill for raising their children. 
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