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Spouse-deprived = sleep-deprived
Military spouse
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Perhaps the most widespread complaint I hear from military spouses about their soldier being deployed is the resulting inability to sleep.
Personally, this has been a rather painful struggle for me. I was never much of a sleeper, choosing to forego rest in exchange for a good book or movie. But when the lack of sleep caught up to me, I was always able to make up for it in one of those nice, long 10-hour naps.
Now, it feels like I’ve been going on two to four hours of sleep per night for the last four weeks.
Only this time, there’s no way to make up for it. I’ve tried for one of those 10-hour sleep sessions with no success. Throw in some cross-country traveling and a husband who thinks the most appropriate time to talk with me is between 2 and 4 a.m., and it’s not so hard to see why I’m a little exhausted.
I’ve been asking around for cures or potential solutions, but everyone seems to have the same struggle that I do. I had a friend suggest lavender extract on the pillow. Another suggested getting a brand new bedspread. A little Tylenol PM can go a long way, said another friend.
Although I’ve used these methods before, and with some success, it seems the problem isn’t so much that I’m not tired enough to sleep, it’s just that sleeping with the other side of the bed empty feels impossible.
So far, the closest I’ve come to getting a good night’s sleep is exercising before bed, then curling up with my dog. Exercise does a good job of relaxing both the body and mind, and the dog keeps me from feeling alone.
It’s good enough to get me through the next 48 weeks, and that’s what counts.
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