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Take care of plants, they'll reward you
Limerick Plantation
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Eyesore of the week: Well, I had three more places to nominate, but, fortunately, all three have been cleaned up. The one on Woods was also cleaned up. A burned-out trailer on Highway 17, just past Fleming Baptist Church, looked like the owner was dismantling it, but instead he has bulldozed it into the woods nearby.  What an eyesore. This owner needs to be fined. One trailer on Lake Drive has cleaned up the front yard and cut bushes back. Where an abandoned trailer was on Limerick, the owners have completely dismantled the trailer and hauled it off. There’s still some issues with some of the ones I’ve nominated that haven’t taken the initiative to clean up their property. But we’re making progress.

Speed humps: I have to address a letter written to the Courier on Sunday by Madge Spencer, regarding the new speed humps placed in Lake George. Once they were in place, I drove my truck over every single one of them at 25 miles per hour, the posted speed limit in our community, and I am here to tell you, they did not jar my truck or me. But I can tell you if you ride a four-wheeler, golf cart, bicycle or motorcycle over it at that speed limit, you are going to feel it for sure. That is why they were put here, at the request of people who are tired of seeing people speeding throughout our community.  Regarding the statement, “there was no meeting of our community and no asking this community,” there was a notice on our community sign for an entire week telling of a meeting regarding these speed humps. About 25 people attended, including myself and four other people who requested speed humps in front of their properties to stop speeders. No one acted on “orders” from the POA. The POA wasn’t even represented at this meeting. Madge also stated one car has already been ruined by “these things.” How fast was that car going? I can tell you it wasn’t going the posted speed limit. I drove over them going the posted speed limit and could hardly tell I even went over them. Be glad our commissioner cares about our community and the children who ride their bikes through the area after school. I still would like to see rumble strips placed at Highway 17 and Limerick to slow people down approaching that intersection. I wish we had speed humps every 100 feet throughout our community. That would surely stop the careless people who don’t observe the speed limit.

End of summer: Usually at this time of the year, plants begin to shut down and you don’t have too many things blooming. However, maybe because of all the rain, my yard is still a blaze of color. I have Confederate roses, swamp daisies, obedient plants, Mexican petunias, zinnias, jacobena, loquat plums, hidden ginger, lion’s ear, lantana, cypress vine, rattleboxes, Mexican sage, gerbera daisies, turk’s turban and crepe myrtle still in full bloom. I have been blessed with hundreds of butterflies and bees this summer. I will be planting wild horsemint in my garden for sure, since they attracted so many bees this year. I was beginning to worry about my cassia tree because it should have been in full bloom by now, but after inspecting it recently I see thousands of buds. Within the next two weeks this tree will be a massive yellow tree. I actually got phone calls last year asking what this beautiful tree was. Right now, my “devil’s walking stick” is hanging over with berries for the birds. What a beautiful tree when it blooms. And finally my loquat plums are blooming. I did not have the first bloom last year. I planted some Jacima seeds earlier this year in my garden and the vines are covering over one entire end. This is a Mexican plant that is similar to our potato. Can’t wait to see if they produce. I also must have thrown some sweet potatoes in there because I have vines growing everywhere. I hope they produce some potatoes. I just planted eight romaine lettuce plants and hope to see them produce. One thing I did when there were so many days of rain, was to catch the rain water in my buckets. I keep them covered to keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs. Now, as the rain has moved on, I will have plenty of water for my plants. I add Miracle Gro to the buckets so I can feed them as well as water them. Take good care of your plants and they will surely reward you.

Sound off: To the caller last week who stated there was an eyesore at the corner of Dorsey and Whit Fraser, just give Maureen Mobley a call at city hall and report this. She is the code enforcer for Hinesville. Let’s all do our part to rid Liberty County of blight.

Soapbox: I enjoy watching all the cooking shows., but I’m here to tell you all of the stars have the same nasty habits. They don’t wear gloves, you hardly ever see them wash their hands and Paula Deen really upsets me when she licks her fingers. Rachael takes meat and veggies right out of the package and never washes anything. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing them cook like that almost makes me sick.

Now, I’ve heard it all: When we watch sports, i.e. baseball, basketball, tennis, whatever, do you ever notice what the stars are drinking during breaks? Can you believe Pedialyte? Even bands that play at certain venues request Pedialyte be stocked in their dressing rooms. Now I’m beginning to think maybe this is what I need to drink before going out to cut grass. Hmm.

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