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Thanks for making it all possible
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Thanksgiving is all about thanks. I think we can all agree on that. Whether the first “American” Thanksgiving actually occurred with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock or, more likely, with residents of the new world in St Augustine, Fla., in 1565, the purpose was the same — it’s all about thanking God for blessings.
The season of thanksgiving is nothing new in our world, nor has it been restricted to the last couple of centuries in America. The Bible references countless celebrations or periods of thanksgiving. And many other cultures hold similar observances.
Today, we are so busy rushing around and cramming things into each and every day that expressing our thanks to those we appreciate gets lost in the process.
Lately, this is especially true for me. So here I am, slowing down to express my thanks to people who have helped Keep Liberty County Beautiful grow significantly in the past couple of years.
KLCB’s advisory council is composed of people who represent different areas of the county, municipalities, businesses and other groups that partner with our program. These dedicated folks guide our program and implement our plans. I am sincerely grateful to each of them.
I am also thankful to the 1,361 volunteers who helped this spring with the Great American Cleanup. Additionally, I must mention the 342 Rivers Alive volunteers.
I am thankful for the volunteers in the community and schools who have helped implement recycling programs and educational activities. Certainly, I also appreciate everyone who recycles every day. And we should all be thankful to residents who work on beautification projects in neighborhoods and businesses.
These events and programs wouldn’t be possible without these advisory members. Here’s to you: Leah Poole, Terri Willett, Pam Henderson, Jeff Stone, Gloria Cook-Osbourne, Nelean Lewis, Willie Cato, Shannon Watson, Dylan Pritchett, Jennifer Beuhler, Kim Sachau, Demere Bowen, Genese Baker, Joy Kennedy, Claudia Thomas, David Sapp, Maureen Mobley, Judy Lampi, Colby Harris, Kristie Boyd, Karen Bell and Essie Gilkey. You guys rock!
Just one more. Although this guy doesn’t work with me or serve on our advisory council, he supports KLCB more than anyone. He deals with my crazy schedule and late nights on the computer. He’s used to being volunteered for activity after activity. I couldn’t deal with all of this without the support of my husband, Lindsay. Thank you, particularly, for your support and patience.
May all of you have a truly blessed Thanksgiving. Express your thanks for those people in your life who are there for you every day.

KLCB announcements that you can use to help save the environment:
• Through 24: Soles4Souls Thanks4Giving collection. Clean out your closets and bring in gently worn shoes to help people in need around the world. Go to for information.
• Dec. 5-6: Eco-friendly holiday house at Yellow Bluff’s Holiday Open House. Keep Liberty County Beautiful will put together a “green” holiday cottage at the annual event. For more information, call Yellow Bluff at 884-6778.

For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact Swida at 368-4888 or
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