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Think of recycling before throwing anything away
Limerick Plantation happenings
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Five things you should know:
What man is on the front of the U.S. 20 dollar bill?
Which is longer: One kilometer or one mile?  
The cerebrum is the biggest part of what organ in your body?  
How long is one regular term for a U.S. representative?  
What is the world’s second largest country in terms of land area?
Believe it or not, these are all questions that a 10-year-old should be able to answer.  

It’s the right thing to do:
If your pet or pets are not spayed and neutered, please do that for them. It’s not fair to your pet to keep bearing litters and then having to get them adopted out. There are agencies that give out discounted certificates to have this done.

I wish everyone out there would recycle their plastics, aluminum, tin, glass and newspapers. What a cleaner, greener Earth this would be. I’ve had two friends give me their old 1-inch plastic venetian blinds recently. I counted and I got seven ‘plant markers’ per slat, so you can get 382 plant markers from one venetian blind. So please don’t throw away your old blinds. The two-inch vinyl ones are even better because they are wider, which makes it easier to write plant names on them. Also, an old tire rim makes an excellent thing to hang your garden hose on. Just mount it to a 4x4 post. Old tires make excellent planters for “invasive” plants. They keep the plant from wandering. So before you toss something into the dumpster, make sure it can’t be recycled at home first.

A country in debt: In a recent edition of Parade Magazine, I was shocked to learn how in debt our country is to foreign nations. I’ve always thought that other countries were in debt to us. Listen to this: We owe Japan $585.9 billion, China $541 billion, The United Kingdom $307.4 billion, OPEC nations (13 of them) $179.8 billion and Caribbean banking centers (six of them) $147.7 billion. If we are supposed to be the richest country in the world, how did we get this deep in debt? When did all the “borrowing” begin and under which president?
What a shocking revelation to read these statistics. These debts didn’t just crop up. They’ve been going on for years.  

Germs everywhere: When you leave your home and go shopping, you are aware of germs on shopping carts, germs on door handles, germs on money and germs on bathroom doors, but what about in your own home? “Oh no,” you say, “my home is clean.”  Well, let’s go down a list and see if these are things you have cleaned regularly on a daily basis. Door knobs, light switches, TV remotes, phones, dishwasher handles, bathroom faucet, commode handle, refrigerator handle, computer mouse and keyboard, pens, flashlights, cabinet handles, lamp switches, drawer pulls, automobile handles, steering wheels and seat belt connectors. I could go on and on. Isn’t this scary? With so many types of hand sanitizers and germ killers, we need to be more aware of what we handle. And where are the worst places to get germs? Hospitals and doctor’s offices. I never handle the arms of the chairs in a doctor’s office and never read the magazines. How many germ-filled hands have handled those magazines? Bring a newspaper from home, but never read the magazines in those offices. When you are asked to sign a check at a department store or the bank, use your own pen. Just think of how many people have handled their pen. Well, that’s it from Dr. Dot.

Mark your calendars:
Tomorrow: 4th Annual Fall Health Fair at Liberty Regional Medical Center on E.G. Miles Parkway in Hinesville from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Also Mount Olivet Church in Fleming is having their fall festival, and there is a Children’s Book Festival at Forsyth Park in Savannah
Nov. 21-23: 20th annual Christmas Made in the South at the Trade Center in Savannah
Nov. 21: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Nov. 22: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Nov. 23: 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Parking is free and there are $1 off ticket price coupons in the Savannah newspaper every day.
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