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Claxton band is making noise
Ten Mile Creek's next show June 22
ten mile creek
The trio known as Ten Mile Creek is made up of members, from left, Samarie Palmer, drums and vocals; Brendon Sapp, guitar and vocals; and Dalton Hutcheson, bass. - photo by Photo provided.

    The musical trio known as Ten Mile Creek, hailing from Claxton, may be fairly new to the local music scene. However, its members have an impressive 15 years of performance experience between them. Brendon Sapp, formerly of Stoneheart, and Dalton Hutcheson and Samarie Palmer, both formerly of No Trespassing, came together earlier this year and have already began to establish themselves as a country force to be reckoned with. In addition to several shows in Claxton and Statesboro under their belt, Ten Mile Creek won Zaxby’s Battle of the Bands in Swainsboro earlier this month. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the self-described “good ole boys making noise” have already spent time in the studio, too, recording their soon-to-be-released single, “Dirt Road Princess.”
    Connect Statesboro was able to catch up with Sapp, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, to talk about the band’s experience recording together for the first time at Elevated Basement Studios in Savannah as well as the group’s upcoming shows.

    Connect Statesboro (CS): How long was the recording process? Did you encounter any obstacles?
    Brendon Sapp (BS): [It] took us about seven hours to perfect and complete. I would say the hardest part was the tambourine track. I had never really messed with one until we started recoding — kind of tired my arm out.

    CS: What was the best or most memorable part of recording?
    BS: I would say it was the first time we heard the final mix. It was almost surreal to hear our song exactly how we intended when we wrote it.

    CS: When will the single be ready?
    BS: We don’t have the final radio version up online yet, but anyone who wants to hear “Dirt Road Princess” can hear our demo version at

    CS: Can we expect to hear “Dirt Road Princess” anywhere else?
    BS: We are working with a promotion company out of Atlanta and should be getting national radio and Sirius XM airtime this summer. We’re shooting to have an EP out by late summer.

    CS: Any professional aspirations?
    BS: We aim to be second to none. Our goal is to be on the road touring and doing this for a living soon.

    CS: What distinguishes Ten Mile Creek from other local musicians? 
    BS: We love country music, and we love playing music together. Yes, we would like to make it big, but our main focus is making sure everyone who comes to our shows leaves satisfied with their Ten Mile Creek experience. We put 150 percent into everything we do, as individuals and as a whole. We want every person who comes [to] see us to leave with that awesome feeling that only live music can give you.

    Ten Mile Creek’s next show will be on June 22 at Smitty’s in Claxton. With its outdoor stage, Smitty's is "definitely a kick it in the sticks atmosphere," said Sapp.

    The band will return to Statesboro for a show at Millhouse on Friday, July 12.

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