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Academics need lesson in civics
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Editor, I would appreciate an opportunity to respond to the letter that appeared in the Coastal Courier on May 21 in the Letter to the editor section and titled "Immigration laws violate constitution." It's composed by several Georgia Southern University educators.
I wish to inform these educators that the United States of America is a republic. In the United States of America the people elect officials to represent us. We have a representative form of government. Also, a huge majority of the American people have contacted their elected representatives demanding that our country's borders be secured in order to stop the invasion of illegal aliens and terrorists. Of course, I wouldn't expect these associate and assistant professors, who signed the letter, to actually understand what a republic, or representative form of government is. After all, they are only professor-wanna-bes, communists and not American constitutional scholars.
These educators are indoctrinating our students, who are forced into their classrooms in order to receive the required credits so they can eventually graduate, obtain a degree, and become productive members of society. My God, oh did I say God? God has no place in their conspiracy. Beware if one of our young students disagrees with one of them, or shows any American pride by submitting a paper highlighting past American achievements.
Just what are these so-called educators, carelessly masquerading as Americans, really teaching our young men and women? I'll tell you what they're teaching them. They're teaching your children that America is evil, and that individual achievement is harming those that are success challenged. They're indoctrinating our students to believe that the government should care for them from cradle to grave and unlike any other nation, America does not have any right to enforce current immigration laws. This scenario is unpatriotic, and un-American. It would bankrupt America, and turn our country into a Godless, third world slum. The purpose of these educators is to throw everyone into poverty, making slaves of the population. The people would become dependent of a few dictators for providing life's basic necessities, and not one thing more. Guess who these dictators and self appointed princes would be? Why it's the signers of the letter that I'm responding to.
In closing, I have this to say, wake up.

John Howard
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