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All children deserve treats
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I would like to comment on the Hinesville Christmas parade. It was nice and was very well attended, however, the handing out of candy, beads, bags, etc., to children on a selective basis needs to stop.

I was there without any children, but there were numerous children around me. I watched many of them step up in line with the other children to get a handout, but several were bypassed time and time again. If there are not enough handouts for all children, then no child should be given one.

The disappointment of those children who did not get a handout was very poignant as the float riders would have seen if they had stayed around instead of jumping back on the float and leaving the area.

Leaving behind unhappy children to wonder why they did not get a prize, too, is not in keeping with the parade’s intent to promote the spirit of the holidays!


Glenda Watts

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