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'Alternative' students dangerous in mainstream
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Editor, As a parent of three children in the Liberty County School system, I would like to say that my children have had the pleasure of having some absolutely wonderful teachers. Most of my experiences with the school system have been very positive.
However, I have a daughter at Snelson-Golden Middle School and I am extremely concerned about what is going on there right now. I find it incredibly negligent that there are now alternative school kids at Snelson-Golden.
I fear that the incident last week where movement of the students was restricted and they were brought outside because of a fight in the common area between two “alternative” students in which mace was used was just a glimpse of what is yet to come. Not only is this a distraction to the education of deserving kids but it is also a safety issue.
If these “alternative” kids were able to be with the mainstream kids, they would not be in “alternative” school to begin with. The idea that the Liberty County Board of Education would expose the mainstream kids to this is absurd.
Absolutely nothing good can come out of this arrangement. I have yet to talk to a parent that thinks this is a great idea.
I have contacted the Board of Education because I would like to know if they will be having a meeting where this will be discussed. I am still waiting for a reply.
I also think that it is very important that other parents of Snelson-Golden children be made aware of this and be given the opportunity to have their voices heard on the issue of their child’s safety.
The parents were never told that the “alternative” kids would be at Snelson-Golden. I originally found out from my daughter that attends there. This was later confirmed when my husband called the school and asked.

Melanie Higley
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