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Bank staff handled tense situation well
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Editor, A couple of weeks ago, I witnessed an incident at The Heritage Bank in Walmart that I think is worthy of telling the public about.
On Sept. 11, we began to form a line about five minutes before the bank opened. There were 10-12 customers waiting for service. When the bank opened at 11 a.m., three tellers took their positions and asked for the first three customers.
When the second person in line was summoned, the customer approached the teller and they began to discuss a financial transaction that had begun the day before. The conversation intensified and the manager, Marvin Beason, came out of the back office to hear the customer’s complaint and try to rectify the situation.
The longer the conservation went on, the more irritated the customer became, to the point that he began throwing posters and brochures at the bank staff. Finally, he realized he was in a no-win situatio n and decided to leave.
The remaining customers in line applauded and thanked Mr. Beason and his staff for the courage, patience and restraint they exhibited during those volatile moments.
It is sure nice to know there are organizations still providing good customer service. I am proud to bank at this institution and I hope each bank member got the recognition they deserve.

— James Jones
Liberty County
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