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BoE invites everyone to office tour
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Editor: On behalf of the Liberty County Board of Education, we would like to invite everyone to visit us in our new location at 200 Bradwell Street for open house from 4-7 p.m. Sept. 24. We will provide guided tours of the new board office building and complete the tour at our pre-k center.
The completion and occupancy of this new facility provides a variety of benefits to the central office staff and the entire Liberty County School System.  
This building has allowed for all system-wide departments to be located in one building. Prior to this school year, our technology department was at Lewis Frasier Middle School.
While at LFMS, this department occupied three student classrooms and a storage room. These rooms housed servers, computer labs and an office space. Just prior to our move to the new building, we experienced problems with our system-wide computer network because of power limitations as a result of being housed in a classroom. The teachers and students were negatively impacted when service was down. All required state reports must be transmitted online and we rely on the server for meeting these deadlines. By moving the technology department to the Board of Education building, we have not only updated our power source and server capacity, but were able to increase our classroom space at LFMS.
The school social workers have been moved to central office, opening office spaces in four of our schools. The Student Support Team coordinators have also been moved from the schools to the new board office. Our district SIS operators have also been reunited with their department in the new facility.
Another department that has moved to the central office is the school nutrition department. This department was housed in the old pre-K portable buildings on the Button Gwinnett Elementary School campus. Their staff was divided between the finance department and the BGES campus. They have been reunited and are one floor away from the entire finance department.
While at the previous location on Gause Street, all departments shared one fireproof vault in the very small Division for Exceptional Learning building. In the beginning ... this space was adequate. With the increase in students, staff, financial/audit requirements, state reporting, AYP, etc., there needed to be an increase in space. We are now able to provide adequate vault/storage space for all departments.
The Division for Exceptional Learning is proud to have the addition of their parent mentor. This is a part-time position that is funded equally by the Georgia Department of Education and IDEA grant funds. One requirement for this position is “an office within the special education department.” We are now able to meet that requirement. This parental liaison for parents of students with disabilities is a welcomed addition to our Division for Exceptional Learning staff.
The gifted facilitator is now housed with the curriculum department in the Board of Education building. This move has freed up a space at an elementary school.
Our tribunal hearings are now held in one location at the new Board of Education building. Last year, and years prior, these hearings were sometimes held in the boardroom, the conference room (that also served as the staff lunchroom), or in the superintendent’s office - basically, wherever we could find room. We are fortunate enough to have an office for our hearing officers so they can prepare and finalize required paperwork.
If you have ever attended a board meeting where your child was recognized for his/her outstanding accomplishments and you could not get inside the boardroom to witness the event, you will really like the boardroom in the new building. We can now recognize our students and staff and share those accomplishments with all parents and community members who are in attendance.
We are all very proud of the new Board of Education building. It is a beautiful facility of which our community should also be proud. Our educational system has been growing rapidly over the years. Our central office building has finally caught up with the growth. Come and share in our excitement on Sept. 24 as we open our doors to you ... our community partners.

Liberty County BoE
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