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Celebrity owes community an apology
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Editor, Frank Long Elementary in Hinesville invited the public to a CRCT Pep Rally for the children. Stephanie Edwards, an American Idol contestant, was to be special guest to read a story to the children.
At 5:55 p.m. (the time was approaching for her arrival) the facilitator called her to see if she had gotten lost. Instead she tells the facilitator at the last minute that she was sick and had been sick all week.
Tell me, is that anyway to treat the community? A TV station person was even there to record the event.
I think this was very, very unprofessional and more importantly disappointed the children and also her fans. I think that she needs to apologize to the public in Hinesville and she needs to keep her appointments when the community is inviting her to different functions.
I would like to thank the Bradwell Institute cheerleaders, steppers, Ms. Alisia Chaney-Jackson, advisor/coach, Ms. Tamara Pray-Frasier assistant advisor, faculty of FLE and Ms. Brenda Belton for an outstanding and remarkable performance. Most important the public for all the support shown to Frank Long and the concern they have about the CRCT test.

Lisa Bacon
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