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City raises bring more questions
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Editor, Your article on city council/mayor pay raises left out a couple of important issues.
When the mayor was asked if his position was part-time or full-time, he replied he would “assume it is full-time.”
In fact, I believe our city charter places the mayor’s position in the part-time category.
I asked the council to table any vote on pay raises until the charter is officially changed to make the mayor’s position a full-time mayor. Either that or lower the pay raise accordingly. (The mean wages in Georgia are $39,000 annually for a 40-hour week.)
I asked for a reading of the statute that covers pay raises for elected officials. Neither the mayor nor the city attorney ever explained the statute to the citizens present.
I feel, as a taxpayer, my concerns on the two issues should be answered.
If I were to employ someone for $40,000 a year, you better believe we would have a written understanding of whether you are part-time or full-time.
The other important area that was not addressed is whether or not this pay raise has any affect on medical and/or retirement benefits of the mayor and council members. What is the cost increase to the taxpayers?
I commended council member Kenny Shaw for voting against the pay raise. Kenny made the right assessment when deciding how to best serve his community. Thank you, Kenny.

Reginald B. Sage

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