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Cleanup would improve city
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Editor, This is an update from Hinesville’s ghetto (Sharon, Lesa and Elaine streets, bordering Irene Thomas Park). On Aug. 27, Hinesville City Councilman David Anderson, who represents the ghetto, held a town hall meeting at the Hinesville VFW. Several city officials, to include Mayor Jim Thomas, were present for questions and comments.
My advice to you is to watch and read the Coastal Courier on the times, dates and places of town hall meetings, attend and make your concerns known. Also, if you haven’t done so, register to vote. No vote, no voice!
The councilman told us that on a previous day he had heard from his house on McDowell Street, which also borders the park, loud, vulgar language and music. He attributed this to “Hinesville’s growth.”
The mayor stated we have a gang and homelessness problem.
Mayor, council members, with all your trips to St. Simons, Jekyll Island, Washington, D.C. — all on my dime — it seems the growth I get is gangs, homelessness, loud, vulgar language and music, not good-paying jobs for our youth and retiring military.
You did say at the meeting that Gov. Sonny Perdue was going to announce good-paying jobs for our area. Where, when will this day be?
In the ghetto there are yards, some at residences occupied by our active military that have not been mowed in months.There’s also trash in the yards. I don’t understand. Fort Stewart garrison commander couldn’t allow this substandard housing on Fort Stewart, yet is is allowed on Sharon Street and probably other areas of Liberty County.
At the meeting, I asked about my proposal to make the landlord or realty agent responsible for the upkeep of active duty occupied rental housing. Both men, who are retired military and members of the Military Affairs Committee, told me something to the effect that it would be impossible, that I should form a committee to attack it.
No. Jim Thomas and David Anderson, you, as paid elected officials, already have the ordinances in place to accomplish this. Have you talked to the Fort Stewart command and the Hinesville Board of Realtors on this?

Joseph B. Stuart
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