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Column proved point that law does work here
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Editor, Please allow me to respond to your guest columnist, Dot Moss.
In order to not let her diatribe be skewed in any particular way, I will respond
in kind.
Ms. Moss is quick to point out various incidents that have taken place, in order to refute my passage, wherein I stated that "all too often we hear of the scandles/turmoil/dissension within various agencies. That does not seem to be the case here." I will stand by that statement! The incidents she pointed out were five in number and spread out over a 12-year span.
It is regrettable that Ms. Moss did not continue reading, or failed to mention, the other passages in my article, wherein I stated "Do we have crime here? Of course we do. There will always be that element of society that looks to circumvent the rules and order of civilized society. It is how a community and its policing agencies deal with that segment -- to insure the safety and comfort of its citizens -- that sets it apart from others."
As long as we are dealing with the "human element," we will have incidents such as these. Policing agencies are not exempt. Again, it is how these incidents are dealt with that makes the difference. In the cases Ms. Moss pointed to, the following, by her own words, is how they were dealt with: arraigned/disciplined/indicted/resignation/charged/fired.
Yep, I will stand by my statements, especially since I was only speaking for myself and trying to thank two of our communities finest!

Roger A. Wells
Liberty County
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