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Commission doesn't represent us
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Editor, I would like to discuss the county commissioners and THEIR meeting held on Tuesday, April 1.  It is my opinion, after attending the meeting, they have forgotten they are representatives of the county tax paying citizens. Furthermore I learned, if the representative of the Citizens Advisory Council, Mr. John Henderson, has something to address they do not want to hear, they will cut off his presentation in mid stream in a very rude manner.
There was a large group of individuals from the east end of the county who attended the meeting in hopes of getting further information about a proposed marina in our neighborhood.  We were not only concerned about our neighborhood but also the rumored expenditure of $1.54 million tax dollars to purchase the land currently valued on the tax records for about one-fifth of the value.  After the original expenditure, millions more tax dollars will have to be spent to build the infrastructure and facilities to accommodate the visitors using the facilities.   
Several residents put together a written list of questions for the commissions and presented them to the commissioners at the March meeting.  Further information was presented to them in the form of a letter at the April meeting.  The information presented other areas which might be developed and addressed the public tax dollars competing with private business.  The information also suggested the money could be better spent providing recreation in the Dorchester community for the children and adults of the county or for upgraded boat access at the Isle of Wight.  The information fell on blind eyes (because none of us were allowed to speak we at least hoped they would read it).
I would like to say to the commissions, and specifically to Mr. McIver, we sat there for over four hours.  We know you allowed some presentations to go on and on in an effort to pass time thinking the group interested in the marina project would leave.  We knew the outcome of the vote before you ever walked out of the meeting room because individuals privately interested in the project have rubbed it in our faces.  We were hoping you would have the guts to let someone speak on our behalf, to vote against the proposed wasteful expenditure (as Marion Stephens Sr. did), or at least look us in the eye when you voted.  The majority failed us in all these areas.
Please remember there are elections every few years and commissioners can be replaced.  Also remember there are ethics boards and a grand jury which can investigate any underhanded deals which take place.  And, to Mr. McIver, the elitists (as you have called me and my neighbors personally) will not give up just yet.  I and others intend to spread the word about your recent expenditure to help a few while others in communities such as the Dorchester and Isle of Wight continue to do without.  I encourage all county citizens to call both your district representative and the commission chair and ask them about their latest acquisition.

Angela D. Coleman
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