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County is stifling marina
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Editor, This is a request for the public to support a public access marina (The Shrimp Docks Marina in Sunbury) and for the public to request of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners to demand the resignation of the top officials of the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission. As written before, the LCPC appears to be conspiring with a few others to stop the Lyle’s marina expansion and completion.
Under an open records request a letter dated Sept. 30, 2008, was obtained, excerpts, of which were “prompt response to the Lyles property issue,” “LCPC staff have a certain process of action,” “know exactly what to do,” “this is not their first rodeo” and “you may be pleasantly impressed with the LCPC staffs handling of this matter.” This letter was passed from the director to the county engineer and an inspector.
We guess the county engineer is the cowboy riding the Lyle’s Shrimp Docks Marina in the eyes of the LCPC in this rodeo and the engineer is trying to ride us into exhaustion to stop our marina project.
See the following: There has been a stop-work order since Sept. 30, 2008, for land disturbance when we began landscaping and is still in effect today. Within two weeks, the county engineer’s demands were met. We retained an engineering firm to meet the county engineer’s demands. The county engineer has made changing demands of our engineers. Our engineering costs have reached more than $6,000.
This is preposterous. The area of land disturbance is less than one acre. Article IV of the Soil Erosion And Sediment Control allows for exemption of less than one acre in Sec. 5-73 Exemptions. Our engineers have stated repeatedly that the land disturbance corrections have been completed. A report obtained through open records showed that an inspector considered it to be complete. The  stop-work order is still in place and the planting season is passing.
I ask what this has to do with the county’s purchase of a $1.5 million property for a marina with taxpayer money?
Please call 884-5331 or e-mail if you want to keep public access in Liberty County, as many public marinas are being lost in Georgia and other states.
Thank you.

Terry and Anne Lyle
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