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County lacks leadership
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Editor, As we are nearing the completion of our national primaries and prepare for our state and local elections I have to reflect back on the intelligence of our forefathers in creating our democratic form of government.
A government that is comprised of three separate entities that check and balance each other in order to preserve the will and the good of its electorate.  If the Congress is headed somewhere out to left field, the president can use the power of veto. Check. If the General Assembly takes a turn in the wrong direction, the governor brings out the ol' veto pen.  Balance.  If our County Commission legislates without regard for the taxpayer...
Wait a minute, where's our check or balance?  Seems to me we're missing something here.
We have a judical branch, the sheriff and judges. We have a legislative branch, the County Commission. Where's our executive branch with the mighty power of the pen?  Who's wielding the veto power when and if the commission does something really nuts?
Appears to me an executive office needs to be created that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the daily operations of the government.  A person whose prime function would be to analyze all county legislative decisions and bring out the ol' quill and ink when need be to protect the populace and their well being. Since the monikers president and governor are already taken, and since many of us use canines to guard and protect us, I think "the office of the top dog" would be appropriate.
Having the absolute power to overturn silly deeds would definitely make the top dog's bite more powerful than their bark. Or maybe they'd just have to raise a leg as a threat.
Woof, woof

Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill Community
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