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Cut the campaign trickery
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Editor, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the candidates for the sheriff’s office runoff has draped another banner across his signs, which reads “Democratic runoff on Nov. 30,” implying that this runoff is only for Democrats.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The runoff on Nov. 30 is from the special election on Nov. 2 (held at the same time as the general election), in which no candidate (for sheriff) had to give their political affiliation. The runoff is open to Democrats, Republicans and independents. To even imply such, which is the very least of what is happening here, is what I would call the “magician’s sleight-of-hand” or trickery.
I encourage everyone that voted in the special election, regardless of your affiliation and/or your candidate, to come back out on Nov. 30 and exercise your right to vote in this run-off. Yes, it is that important.

Roger A. Wells
Chairman, Liberty County GOP
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