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Death threats ignored by media
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Editor, Liberal media outlets are ignoring the death threats made by the New Black Panthers organization. King Samir Shabazz, a leader in that organization, was caught on video declaring that they (all black men) need to kill some crackers and they [sic] babies.
Do white liberals believe that the New Black Panthers are not a threat to them because they share their beliefs? Is that thug organization a threat only to white conservatives? That is like believing that Islamic terrorists are not a threat to all Americans, just to those of us who love America. Being anti-American will not keep liberals safe from anti-American terrorists. Many white liberals side with those who hate America but they are still white and are targets of the militants in the New Black Panthers and other Islamic terrorist groups.
Domestic terrorists like King Samir Shabazz would dance on Jimmy Carter’s grave just as he would mine. The foreign terrorists would celebrate the assassination of President Obama just as they would the same of George Bush. They don’t just love killing people like me, they love killing liberals, too. Believing otherwise is foolish. Not reporting on these death threats is irresponsible.
Liberal media outlets will not report on anything that could hurt their liberal causes. I believe that in their minds, the New Black Panthers and foreign terrorists are leftists just like they are, and they can’t say bad things about their ideological brothers. What other reason could there be?

— Al Teal
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