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Don't let personal spat keep MD from hospital
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Editor, This is in reference to the letter written to the editor by Tom Overman on Dec. 21.
I appreciate Mr. Overman's concern about my wife's condition. If Liberty Regional Medical Center chairman Jon Long was concerned about her condition as well as other people that use Dr. Carter as their physician we would be using Liberty Regional.
If Chairman Long would get over whatever he let upset him with Dr. Carter, the hospital would be better off financially and not put as much burden on the taxpayers.
Dr. Carter is getting blamed with the situation, his patients are suffering the consequences and taxpayers are paying because Chairman Long intends on having things his way regardless of who suggests what.
Mr. Overman, let me again "thank you" for being concerned about my wife's condition, and by you suggesting anything other than results of medication given by the emergency room doctor that caused her not to remember leaving the hospital or anything for the next 11 days. This tells me that you are not familiar with the situation.

David Park

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