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Emergency, utility response to storm was great
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Editor, I am a resident of Woodland Lakes who had just gotten home when the brief but violent storm struck our area. I have never seen such wind, even during the last two hurricanes that brushed our area. I heard the crack of the tree that fell on the power line a few houses down, and caused our power to go out.
After the storm passed, neighbors and I walked our block to see what damage had occurred. Fortunately, only a few large trees had fallen, and none of them on our block hit any structures or cars. However, we knew power would be out for some time.
My wife and I took a short ride down to Lake George to see the damage there, and we only rode down as far as the fire station before turning around, as we did not want to get in the way of the power workers and others who obviously had a great deal to do. We did run into an employee of Coastal Electric Cooperative who told us that damage was widespread, and it would be a while before power could be restored to the area, even though their entire crew was out and working.
I was therefore quite surprised (and very pleased) when our power came on at 1 a.m. that night. We had not expected it to be restored until Sunday morning sometime. Our sincere thanks to the staff of Coastal Electric Cooperative for all their efforts to get us back up and running that evening. They did a superb job.

Rafe Semmes
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