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Forget brigade, focus on city
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Editor, Well, I read now Mayor Thomas and his entourage will be going back to the land of the endless printing press/unlimited credit card, the federal government in Washington, D.C. I also read where the city has “excess money” from taxes to pay for this and other nice trips.
I have a simple question. Why not stay home, concentrate on cleaning up Hinesville’s trashy neighborhoods (you can start with Sharon Street) and bring good paying, non-Fort Stewart employment to our retirees and young people? If there’s any money left over you can return it to me and my fellow taxpayers. I’ll take my piece of the pie now.
Leave President Obama and his administration alone. They are trying to balance the budget and hopefully one day pay off the debt. It did happen in the 1990s. This will lead to real economic growth like we had in the 1990s.
So I realize that you are in the dumps/blues over not having your fifth brigade, but concentrate on Hinesville, its neighborhoods and non-Fort Stewart good paying jobs. This will also fight the problem of homelessness and poverty in our city.

Joseph B. Stuart
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