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God bless Ted Kennedy
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Editor, It is sad to hear about the medical emergency and hospitalization of Sen. Ted Kennedy. Although I disagree with Sen. Kennedy on most everything political, I hope he recovers completely and retires.
Even if he goes back to the Senate, I hope he fully recovers and has a long unproductive political life with good health. I truly wish him well.
I don't hate Sen. Kennedy or anyone because of their liberal, naive or elitist views of the world. I will disagree with them and argue with them but I wish no harm or ailment to them.
I wrote a letter to the editor a few days ago. The day after it was printed, I received an anonymous letter from "a friend," sent to my home that contained three words, "cremate 'Bush' alive," with "Bush" in quotation marks. I'm not sure what the quotation marks meant.
I have to believe that if Sen. Kennedy, in this medical emergency case, had been a Republican, Senate elder or not, some in the media and many on the blogs would be expressing their hopes that the ailing Republican would die. They publically wished death upon Ronald Reagan, Minister Jerry Fallwell, actor Charlton Heston and the former spokesman for President Bush, Tony Snow. One liberal British film maker, Gabriel Range, produced a fantasy movie in 2006 called "Death of a President," about the assassination of our current president, going as far as to superimpose President Bush's face over the actor's face during the assassination scene.
What is it about liberalism that creates such hatred and makes liberals wish death to their political opponents? And why do they openly celebrate when an opponent is ill, dying or recently deceased?

Al Teal

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