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Government demands too much
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Editor, Where is the EPA? Aren’t these people paid by our tax dollars to monitor the emissions from manufacturers, plants, and refineries?
Have them filter their emissions like the taxpayers are paying for already. What if my runoff is pure and passes through a contaminated area on the way to your site.
The news media stated that this year we were in a drought. What about that?
In a little over two years, the price of gasoline has doubled. Now our government is using corn to produce ethanol that costs more to produce. Now that has increased the price on any product dealing with corn, such as corn on the cob, canned corn and breakfast cereal. Corn is fed to livestock and that affects the price of beef, pork, and chicken as well as milk, bread, and eggs.
Elected officials vote themselves a pay increase but what about working stiffs? People are defaulting on loans and losing their homes. Elected officials wonder why and then impose a stormwater runoff fee. That’s a slap in the face to the people.
Just last week the Frontline newspaper had an article on run off water from graves.
When a working person gets a raise more taxes are deducted. When prices increase a working person pays more taxes.
In the old days people left Europe to avoid high taxes. That’s part of what made this nation. Next they will want you to wear a monitor at $1,000 each in your pants and every time someone passes gas they will be fined at $1 each.
Elected officials need a crash course in economics.

William Pope
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