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Government should provide green electricity
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Editor,  The other day I was watching a very interesting program on TV concerning the future of the planet and its inhabitants. There were some very dark times predicted for our planet and us, most of the dark times are direct results of an ecosystem that has been totally damaged beyond repair through the burning of fossil fuels.
The program provided ways to avoid this future through the use of some “green” technology, which I completely agree with, but then it hit me. I had an epihany about “going green.”
The “going green” initiative will not have the same success it could if the local governments do not get involved. One of the major  producers of these harmful polutants is the electric company. Now I am not suggesting that the county do away with electricity. That would be ridiculous. However what I am about to suggest will more than likely be thought of by some as ridiculous.
I suggest that the county and city governments work together to provide electric power to all the citizens of the county and city at no direct cost to them and that the power provided be entirely green. Now, like I said, this may seem like an insane proposition but it is very attainable and this is going to be one of the most effective ways to preserve our fragile ecosystem.
Just think about all the local buildings owned by the city and county government. If the roofs of those buildings were outfitted with solar panels, the boost to the electricity grid would be tremendous, then there is all the open space the county and city have tried to sell and lease over the last few years. Instead of a quick real estate buck, this space could be occupied by solar arrays as well as wind turbines.
The cost will be substantial, but as anyone living in Liberty or Long counties knows our property taxes as well as SPLOST and just regular sales taxes are very substantial.
I have seen million dollar projects completed and started in the city of Hinesville. The city and county governments have found the money in the coffers to pay for a gigantic board of education building, a downtown revitalization project (in which a city’s roadway infrastructure was rerouted and citizens were bought out by the government from their family homes) and just recently work has begun on a justice center.
So, if money can be found to finance these projects then the cash is there to provide citizens with free green power. I would like our law makers to consider some aggressive legislation to be put into place so that by the year 2015, the responsibility of providing citizens with clean free power will rest with the local government.
This can, should and almost must happen to ensure that people as a species do not destroy their natural heritage

John Corrigan
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