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Humane shelter still needs help
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Editor, Puppies freezing to death on bare concrete floors. Rat-infested dog houses. One might think that happens “somewhere else,” but you drive right by it every day.
Liberty County Animal Shelter operates in a 50-year old patchwork structure on Airport Road, which was once notorious for its antiquated, leaky gas chamber. Today, it risks being shut down by the Georgia Department of Agriculture because it is a menace to public health.
A tiny humane association occupies one corner and has put out a call for help. Animal rescues in South Carolina are used to coming down there to rescue surplus animals because Georgians refuse to spay and neuter their pets, but resources for building repairs and renovation needs to come from your local community.
I am writing to ask you to contact Sandy, the shelter manager, at 876-3647 and get her some help with building materials. She tells me she has a local builder who has offered labor to enclose the concrete kennel run. A lot more needs to be done to bring this shelter up to a humane standard.
There is only one way to close down an animal shelter and that is to kill all the animals. Sandy has to get the place cleaned up or that’s what is going to happen.
— Karen Wilkins
Ridgeland, S.C.
Founder, Maranatha Farm
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