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Last minute rush, allergic reaction skewed voting record
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Editor, I am disappointed that Coastal Courier columnist Dot Moss chose to single me out for an attack from among the legislators recently reported by the Savannah Morning News as having missed a number of roll-call votes during the 2008 legislative session —— without calling me first for a chance to explain.
I am grateful for this opportunity to clarify the record.
Of the 86 votes I was reported to have missed, 69 of them were taken between 2:17 p.m. and 8:09 p.m. on Wednesday, April 2, which was the 39th and next-to-last day of the session. It is customary for dozens, if not hundreds, of votes to be taken on the House floor in the final days of every session.
Unfortunately, and unavoidably, on April 2, I fell ill with an allergic reaction that afternoon and had to leave the House chamber for the remainder of the day. Had I taken the time to ask the House clerk to excuse me from those votes, I would not have been counted as absent, but I did not do so in my haste to get some relief.
Thank you for the opportunity to explain what could be a very misleading report to your readers. Missing votes has never been a pattern for me during my service in the state legislature. I am and will continue to be present for every roll call vote when possible. This explanation was sent to the editor of the Savannah Morning News on April 24 but has yet to be published.
If anyone, including Dot Moss, has further questions regarding my voting record, please call me at 912-977-5600 or the House of Representatives Clerk’s Office at 404-656-5015.

Rep. Al Williams
House District 165
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