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Lawyers serve more than just in court
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Editor, During my term as president of the State Bar of Georgia, I have been able to observe the many positive contributions our members are making outside the realm of the legal profession and the justice system. I can think of no greater demonstration of one's commitment to public duty than that of those who have served the United States in our armed services.
In that spirit, please allow me to thank Norman F. J. Allen III of Fort Stewart for the sacrifices he has made in order to ensure that the rest of us continue to enjoy the freedoms with which we are so blessed. The impact of this service, in the latest military conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan, is seen globally and reflected in the work they do for the citizens of other countries, whether that work is legal in nature, or deals with basic survival.
A large number of Georgia lawyers and judges served this country in World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. Another contingent of members served our country without being deployed. We also salute them and the sacrifices they made. The impact of their service is still felt today. They have our thanks and gratitude.
As Thomas Jefferson said, "The study of law qualifies a man to be useful to himself, to his neighbors and to the public." Please join me in thanking these local attorneys for their exemplary service to our nation and for all they are doing on the home front to strengthen the American justice system.

Gerald M. Edenfield, President
State Bar of Georgia
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