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Lets elect sheriff with experience
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Editor, I am writing because I find it strange how people reacted after the death of Sheriff Don Martin when his wife Polly was appointed to finish his term until the special election.  
A common complaint I heard was that she had no experience. Fast-forward several months later to the election and look at the hypocrisy. The front-runner in this race, Steve Sikes, is no doubt a good man with decent values, but many of the same people who I heard complaining about Polly Martin’s appointment are now supporting Sikes who, like Polly, has no firsthand experience in law enforcement.  
In Warren Waye, I see a candidate who has many years and various levels of first-hand law enforcement experience.  I have never met Mr. Waye, nor have I campaigned for him, but I have supported him and will continue to support him for sheriff because of his experience and the need for change.

— Joe Higley
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