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New animal control is needed
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Editor, Allow me to use this forum to applaud Mr. Wells letter concerning the conditions at the Liberty County Animal Control facility. The situation is indeed appalling for both the unfortunate animals there as well as the dedicated human beings tasked to take care of them.
In spite of the heroic efforts from the staff as well as the volunteers it is clear that the facility is completely outdated, resulting in unacceptable conditions. Therefore, I join Mr. Wells in his plea for an expedicious resolution to this long overdue problem.
 Furthermore, as a community we have to seriously consider enacting strict spay and neuter laws in order to prevent the steady flow of unwanted and mistreated — be it by neglect or deliberate cruelty — cats and dogs. These laws have shown in other parts of our country to be quite successful. Not only do they prevent cruelty by stopping the flow of unwanted pets, ultimately those laws also save the community a lot of resources, speak tax money.
Again, Mr. Wells, thank you for your passionate plea to correct this wrong as soon as possible by challenging our leaders to act as swiftly on behalf of some of our weakest and unwanted as they did on behalf of the justice system.
Margit Velasco
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