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Nurse made ER visit worse
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Editor, Please be advised that on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008, I, Darlene Jefferson, was admitted to the Liberty Regional emergency room after an accident with a drunk driver. I was shocked by the unprofessional behavior of a nurse on duty named Emily.
She was very disrespectful, rude and insensitive. After noticing a large needle, I asked her “where am I getting a shot?” she responded with, “In you’re a--.” I was so shocked by the response. I asked her, “Did you say in my a--?” she replied, “yes, and you have plenty back there to handle it.”
An associate was in the room with me and she too witnessed the rude behavior and inappropriate language. I questioned several others on the staff about her last name, but they said they didn’t know her last name.
I am alarmed that this kind of behavior is allowed to go unchecked in our county’s medical facility where patients are already hurting physically, only to be abused emotionally as well.

Darlene Jefferson

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