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Parvo precautions at shelter hike needs
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Editor, I am sure that all of you are familiar with Parvo. It is a deadly puppy disease that unfortunately kills many many puppies in our area every year.
Liberty County Animal Control and us, Liberty Humane Shelter, share one facility which makes keeping the disease contained almost impossible.
This week we have made many changes to try to control the virus but it has put a burden on us all, especially the shelter side of the facility. Our facility is an old, cinderblock home that has been converted to be a makeshift shelter for the stray and abandoned animals. We deal with what we have because we have to for the animals.
We share one bathroom, one washroom area for dishes and one laundry area. Just these things alone, make the virus uncontrollable.
Department of Agriculture officials came to the facility on Tuesday and made some suggestion. They recommend that we stop using the common areas. The area where we wash dishes is in animal controls office. The laundry is in our area, the bathroom is their area. Each time we go into a common area, we increase the possibility of cross contamination. The two facilities need to be separated, but unfortunately that is not an option now.
We are doing all we can, and following the suggestions from the ag officials to try to prevent the spread of this puppy killer.
We obviously cannot do anything about the bathroom, but the other things we can control. We are washing dishes in a bucket. We have almost 100 animals in the shelter that we are washing dishes for. As for the laundry, most of the rags and worn blankets are being thrown out for fear if they are placed in the common area they will spread the virus.
Short of giving us land or money to build a new facility, here are a few ways you can help:
1. We need an industrial double sink, which costs about $400 or one from a closed restaurant, and pipes. And we need a plumber to help install the piping for it.
2. We'd love to move the washer and dryer outside in a shed. We'd need a shed. We have two washers (one needs work) and dryers and a hot water heater (donations from wonderful people like you)to hook up in the shed. Besides a shed, we need an electrician and plumber.
3. We have a small dishwasher that we would love to be able to wash our medical supplies, but, again, no one to put them in. This washer would allow much hotter water to help with disease spread.
4. We have three quarantine sheds that hold our puppies, but running water in only one. We have sinks for the others, but no one to install the piping or fixtures. We also have a hot water heater that could go in the quarantines if we had someone to hook it up.
5. We get many puppies that are too large to house in puppy kennels. We need large stainless steel kennels that are expensive. Previous to the 15th, we were housing the large pups under animal control's tunnel, which we can no longer use.
6. We have about 25 puppies. We have plenty of adult dog food, but constantly run out of puppy food. puppy food, kitten food, bleach (we use three gallons a day), paper towels, rags, towels, pillow cases, rice and chicken broth for sick animals, medical supplies, surgical gowns, gloves, needles, syringes, Pedialyte, mops and brooms and dustpans.
Thank you all in advance for doing all you can. I am sure there is much more that would help.
Please feel free to contact us, via email or come by at 279 Briarwood Circle, Hinesville off of Airport Road. Or call us at 876-DOGS (3647).
Remember our upcoming fundraiser April 26 at YMCA field from 2-6. Rabies and microchip clinic, dog washes, costume contest etc.

Sandra Frye
Executive Board President
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