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Physician banned her is practicing elsewhere
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Editor, Recently, a local young man died of a heart attack. I do not know which physician saw the young man in the ER and I care not to add to the family’s grief.
However, I do know this: the decedent was not seen by Dr. Carter, a doctor known for his superb diagnostic skills and treatment regimens. Whether it would have made a difference if the young man had been seen by Dr.Carter, only God knows.
I also know that several grand juries, a local hearing panel and thousands of Dr. Carter’s patients have had a deaf ear turned to them when it comes to the reinstatement of Dr. Carter, dismissed for nebulous and unfounded reasons from practicing at LRMC.
I say this because on a recent trip I decided to swing by East Georgia Regional Hospital in Statesboro to see an old friend.Guess who I ran into wearing physician’s attire with a stethoscope around his neck? It was Dr. Glenn Carter. Yes, the same Glenn Carter who received the unjustified dismissal and runaround from those running our local hospital into financial and mortal destruction.
It seems that the East Georgia Hospital authority looked at the same information the local hospital authority looked at and promptly granted Dr. Carter privileges! You see, it now has taken a separate entity all this wasted time by our county commissioners and our recently financially enriched county chairman, to show that the Liberty County grand juries, the local hearing panel, and the many thousands of patients of Dr. Carter are right and the Liberty County Hospital Authority is wrong.
Where is the justice?
I know Dr. Carter to be a factual man. That means: no nonsense. In other words he doesn’t tell jokes, gets down to business and is intolerant of laxity. If I am suffering from a heart attack or anything else that is life threatening I want a no nonsense doctor treating me and not a comedian. LRMC evidently thinks otherwise.
Finally, I tell you this, unless Dr. Carter is reinstated immediately, then we, the people of Liberty County, should vote every office holder not working to have him reinstated out of office at every opportunity, regardless of party affiliation. The county commissioners have done enough damage and caused enough suffering due to their lack of oversight of our  hospital authority. We need to throw the bums out because if they got this one so very terribly wrong, imagine how many other things they’ve gotten wrong? Can anyone say property taxes?

Jimmy Darsey
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