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Please help my injured dog
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Editor, About five months ago I was given a baby pit. I call her Beautiful. She was born with only one toe on her left hind leg. She came into the world with a deformity but my love for animals allowed me to take this 3-week-old puppy into my heart. At the same time, two other puppies wandered into my yard.
Beautiful is loving, great with children and simply loves to be loved on. On March 30, I was in a car accident and she was in the car with me. Right now, I’m under the doctor’s care.
On May 22, Beautiful got hit by a car. Her baby teeth were knocked out, bones in her hip and her hip joint itself are broken and her back and belly are cut and bruised.
The people who hit her left the scene but called the police. Beautiful had wandered into the road so it wasn’t the driver’s fault. The police never came out so my neighbors informed me of the accident.
When I got outside my dog was no longer in the street. She was lying in the grass on the side of the road, frightened. I called for her and she got up and ran under the house. I couldn’t get her out. I called the police and they couldn’t assist me. I called the animal control but they only offered to put her to sleep. The vet was closed and I had no transportation because of my own accident.
I called a friend to retrieve her from under the house and noticed she could no longer stand up. I crushed the pain pills I had received from the doctor and fed them to her every six hours to ease her pain.
I later found out Beautiful needs an operation. The procedure will cost between $2,500 and $2,800. I don’t have the proper finances to bring Beautiful back to health so I’m reaching out to the community in search of a little hope for my pet and close friend.
If you are able to assist Beautiful and me, please call Dr. Shealy at 912-354-6681.
— Gloria Wynter Christ
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