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Polycarts actually improve scenery
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Editor, Sound off in the Friday, Oct. 24 edition of the Courier included a citizen’s comment regarding solid waste polycarts sitting near or on the road somewhere in Liberty County.
If a specific polycart is the problem, it is difficult to resolve the party’s complaint without a location. If the party is complaining in an overall fashion, polycarts have to be set on the shoulder of the public road system for service on the scheduled pick-up day, just as they are everywhere else in Liberty County and across the majority of the nation. If visual image is the party’s concern, consider the following:
• Polycart service was recently established in the rural areas of Liberty County to rid the county of the last three unsightly Dumpster sites located on Highway 119, Shell Road and U.S. 17 at Ways Temple Road. Closure and cleanup of these Dumpster sites significantly improved the visual image for travelers along two heavily trafficked highways and residents of three neighborhoods in the county.
• Litter on the arterial and main roads leading to these previous Dumpster sites has significantly decreased since implementing the polycart service. The primary reason: residents no longer have to haul their trash from their house to these sites, which reduces the opportunity for waste to be blown from the transport vehicle. Additionally, residents of Long and McIntosh counties are not transporting their waste into these Liberty County Dumpster sites, which added to our roadside litter problem.
Additionally, with the removal of the Dumpsters, particularly the site on E.B. Cooper Highway (Hwy 119), there are no more fire calls to the Walthourville, Riceboro or in some cases the Hinesville fire departments to extinguish maliciously set Dumpster fires. Dispatch to these fires could have impacted the ability of those departments to respond to a much more serious call. And as a final note, with the removal of the Dumpsters from Shell Road, there will no longer be power outages to Interstate Paper and Chemtall in Riceboro as a result of buzzards who frequented the Dumpsters and then roosted (roasted) and shorted out the nearby major electric  transmission lines that serviced these two significant industries.
If the caller is really concerned about resolving a solid waste matter, my office telephone number is 884-7300 or 884-5353. Give me a call.

David C. Sapp
Director, Liberty County Solid Waste Department
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