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Property tax increase now? Give me a break
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Editor, I stayed up election night and watched the results of the national, state and local elections.  
I was relived to see that the message of economic responsibility had retaken its foothold across the country. Most noteworthy was that the results of the local elections mirrored the state and national trends, showing that our citizens are looking in these areas, too.  
I went to bed and had sweet dreams of lower taxes, balanced budgets and conservative spending — all good things that will lead to full employment and a stronger America.
Then I woke up Wednesday morning to a nightmare. There, below the fold in the left column on the Courier’s front page was the old monster, “City proposes increasing property taxes.”
It’s hardly the time for a tax increase, particularly in this area with the recent elimination of the homestead exemption. But then with elected officials’ pay raises, boondoggles to far-away places and the construction of a three-story, luxurious city hall, I should have seen it coming.  
I suggest that our city go back to the drawing board: examine the budget, cut the spending and don’t give us a tax increase until we have some form of recovery in place across our land.

— Joseph L. Gillam
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